5 reasons to own a Cash System Wallet

5 reasons to own a Cash System Wallet

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Written by: Thriving on a Budget

Are you looking for a new wallet that seems to have it all? I am pretty sure I can help you out with that! As you know, we are all about spending carefully and wisely here at Thriving on a Budget. I am always using coupons, I plan my shopping trips, I use the cash system to help with our budget, and I just try to keep my wallet as organized as possible. I found out years ago that an organized wallet really helps to cut down on unnecessary spending. The Cash System Wallet works out great for me! Here are 5 reasons to own a Cash System Wallet:

  1. Organization. As you can see in the provided photos, organization is made easy with this wallet! The Cash System Wallet is designed to keep your cash and cards secure, accessible, and organized. Inside, find 6 card slots, 10 cash/receipt slots, and 2 ID windows. That is enough to keep your main cards separated from other cards, such as discount cards and store rewards cards. Also, note that the wallet comes with labels for each slot to help keep things even more organized!
  2. Self-Awareness with spending. I really like that I can see all of my cash and where it is going when I use the labels that specify what that particular cash slot is for. It is so easy for me to swipe my card and not think about it (yes, I am guilty of that too!) but looking at my cash brings a lot of self-awareness. This ties in with my next point…
  3. This wallet works perfectly with the Dave Ramsey program! If you haven’t checked this out yet, you need to! Dave is a great resource for becoming debt-free the smart way and he recommends using a cash-only system. If you want more information, you can check out the huge Facebook group I am a part of! They have tons of members willing to help and teach!
  4. Coupons. I usually have a separate wallet I use for coupons, but this wallet makes it possible for me to hold my coupons as well as my other regular wallet contents! If I can cut down on the amount of things I carry around, you better believe I will!
  5. Lastly, you can choose from over 15 different patterns! I have searched and searched for a wallet like this one using my favorite site, Amazon, but the options as far as patterns go are very slim! I love that I can choose my favorite pattern from a large list – it almost feels like my Cash System Wallet was custom-made just for me! I chose the patriotic one in the photo below because my husband is a combat veteran and I support him and our great country every way that I can!



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Disclosure: I was selected to try this Cash System Wallet for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.


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