My name is Jessica. I consider myself to be very frugal. I grew up in a frugal home; We used coupons every single grocery shopping trip, we used coupons at restaurants, we used them everywhere. We never wasted food and we always used everything we owned. I was raised that way, and I continued to live that way all throughout college. Even though I was extremely frugal and loved saving money, I didn’t really have a passion to save the Earth. However, after having my son I was worried about the world I would be leaving behind and the world he will be growing up in and eventually raising his own family in. Since then, I have started becoming a little more “green” every day. I recycle, I used eco-friendly products and I have ditched most disposable products and have opted to use reusable products instead! My blog is all about Thriving on a Budget. I want to help you save money while saving the Earth at the same time. I hope that I can help you make greener decisions and together we can help to improve the one thing we all have in common – our home.

I have a sweet 10lb dog named Belle and I consider her one of my children. She’s a little spoiled 😉

I blog because I like sharing my opinion, helping others and making a difference. I am one person, but I have the ability to help many.

I am currently living around the Nashville, TN area. If you are a company or business in the area and need reviews, please feel free to contact me below. I am happy to review hotel chains, amusement parks, restaurants, and most other types of companies!

*We are adding a new aspect on to the site: Travel Reviews! We are willing to travel to YOUR location (as long as expenses are paid) to review any facility/theme park/hotel chain/etc. that you need exposure for!

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  • Michelle

    March 10, 2014

    Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for your application to review our products on Tomoson (http://goo.gl/NZDwA7). Your blog is so great and we do wish to work with you. As we offer a limited supply of free samples, we sincerely invite you to join our Power User Program cos it would be a plus if you’re one of our power users. You may have many other benefits through this program.

    Click “Apply” at: http://www.xmpow.com/mpower, which could give us a chance to learn more about you and may impact the eligibility to get the sample.

    Thanks in advance for your time and input.


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