I have to brag on Viva Towels (Coupon appreciation)

OKAY! Remember that freebie we posted about a while back about a free roll of Viva paper towels? Well, it turns out that it was a mistake on their part via their website. I know we were all kind of bummed about that, but sometimes you win some and you lose some. I really can’t complain about something that I would have gotten for free since I would need to buy more than 1 roll anyway – free is just a nice perk. Most companies that do this usually just send out an email saying they made an error, or they will typically blame it on us bloggers for spreading the word too quickly (in our defense…if you post it, we are going to tell our readers about it because we want everyone to get something for free!). However, Viva was super awesome and sent a letter in the mail apologizing PLUS a nice high-value coupon! To me, that is great. It shows class and that they respect us as consumers of their products and they want us to continue buying from them. Take a look at mine below:


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