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My FREE Seventh Generation new baby sample kit


YAY! My FREE Seventh Generation New Baby Sample Kit arrived! I am due with my second little one in just a few short months and I cannot wait to try these out on my little man! Here is some info on each product:

Seventh Generation Coconut Care™ –NEW! Made with pure coconut oil.

– Clinically proven gentle on baby’s skin

– Pediatrician Tested

– NO sulfates, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil or petrolatum

– Mositure Lotion, Foaming Shampoo & Wash, and Diaper Cream

Free & Clear Diapers – Ultra absorbent, and our softest ever.

– Made for your baby’s sensitive skin

– 0% Lotions or Fragrances

– New special quilted liner in sizes Newborn to 2 to protect baby’s skin, made with unbleached cotton

– Made with sustainably sourced materials

Free & Clear Wipes – A soft and gentle clean that’s safe for baby’s bottom, hands and face

– Made for your baby’s sensitive skin

– Fragrance free, and NO alcohol, parabens, phenoxyethanol

– Thick and soft cloth for the toughest messes.



Have you ever used Seventh Generation’s baby line?


Watch the unboxing below:

Thanks, Seventh Generation!

Christian Apparel Review

Disclosure 1: This is a religious post.

Disclosure 2: I received this shirt for free in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.


Christian Strong contacted me and asked me to review one of their t-shirts. I am the type of girl who lives in jeans and t-shirts, so of course I was really excited about this review. The most obvious part of this review is that I am a Christian and I have no problem wearing Christian apparel that shows that.

This shirt is really comfortable. Here is the site description of it:

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

  •    5.3 oz
  •    100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit
  •    Taped neck and shoulders
  •    Double needle sleeve and bottom hems
  •    Seamless double needle 7/8 collar


Now, I am 23 weeks pregnant and I was concerned about the fit. I often have problems ordering clothing online because I never know if it will actually fit or not. After a quick conversation with someone from Christian Strong, they were able to tell me that a size medium would fit me well – and they were right! I feel rather large right now, but the shirt isn’t constricting or tight in any way. That’s why I was sure to mention above that it was comfortable, even in my current state.

Something else I always like to do before reviewing apparel is to wash and dry the piece of clothing and see the results. The shirt did not shrink and the wording didn’t crack or peel off – all signs of great quality! Overall I give this 5/5 stars, and the company gets 5/5 stars as well because they were so helpful and kind. I highly recommend ordering your Christian apparel from Christian Strong!

Product Review: Q-Band Fitness Tracker


 Mobile Action Technology: Q-Band Fitness Tracker Review

Sponsored by:

Mobile Action Technology

Written by: Thriving on a Budget

Disclosure: I was selected to try this Q-Band Fitness Tracker for a discounted price in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

My husband and I were loyal Fitbit users for years, starting with the very first fitbit years ago and eventually upgrading to one of the newer ones that tracks your heart rate as well as activity and sleep. However, after many returns and broken product issues, we decided to move on. Well, I did. I got an Apple Watch and I love it. My husband, however, has been without a fitness tracker for a few months now. I contacted this company and applied to review their fitness band and they said yes! I am not too fond of the camouflage print, but my husband is a military veteran and currently a police officer so it suits him well.

The tracker comes packaged nicely, with lots of information on the box. The tracker itself is secured very well and has a protective sticker on the screen – I love when companies make sure screens are not damaged in transit! A charging cord is also included as well as a user manual that is very detailed, but easy to understand. It also has a QR code available for you to download the corresponding app, available in the iTunes store as well as Google Play for android. The app is free. See below (I am using an iPhone):

First you download the app and fill out your profile.

Next, you’ll find the device (after it is fully charged) and connect it to the app. Mine has a software update so I had to wait for that to happen. Software updates are a great sign because it means the company is always finding a way to improve their product.

After the firmware was updated, this is what I saw:


I am so excited about this fitness tracker. The price is awesome (A LOT cheaper than our Fitbits and my Apple Watch) and it works out well for my husband. It does exactly what he needs it to do. One of my favorite things about it is that it alerts  you when your activity level is low, and it encourages you to get up and get moving.

It also has a ton of other great characteristics. See the description below:


  • CHECK YOUR CALLS & MESSAGES ON THE GO: If you have a passion for fitness activities such as running, jogging or walking, or you’re busy with work and you’d like to check your missed calls or messages while on the go, then this feature-rich wristband is exactly what you need. Never miss a call again! You also have the option to configure alerts and notifications for your social apps – what more do you need?
  • ULTIMATE HEALTH TRACKER: Create your own personal fitness diary with ease thanks to our steps, calories and sleep tracker, you keep a full analysis of your everyday progress. With the sleeping tracking function you’ll have a detailed report of your deep sleep, light sleep, REM and awake time. Track your walking and running paths with the mobile app-based GPS tracker. Optimize your workout schedule, have your health status and detailed charts with you anytime, making your life better instantly.
  • WIRELESS CONNECTION: Our Bluetooth connectivity ensures all of your devices are connected without extra effort and hassle. Using our intuitive health app on both iOS and Android, you’ll be able to review day-by-day progress, centrally view all activity and share all your data across devices, as well as sync to Apple Health or Google Fit.
  • BUILT TO LAST: No matter how many hours you spend out of home, this exercise band is was built to serve even during vigorous activities. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, sweat, rain and splash proof, your Q-band is guaranteed to stay by your side for a lifetime.
  • SMALL YET MIGHTY: Wear this wristband all day long- you won’t feel a thing! Designed to be worn during your everyday activities, features a convenient design so as not to feel your wrists and hands bulky. Its trendy camo style is exactly what you need in order to take your style to the next level- feel the difference now!

Fitness Tracker         


I would highly recommend this tracker. I am so glad I had the chance to try it out before handing it over to my husband!


MyMagazine Sharing Network Products including Kroger brand Ready To Pour batter!!

Hey everyone! I am doing a quick blog post showcasing some of Kroger’s exclusive products I received for free to test! I was really excited about this kit. It came with 3 free products as well as a coupon booklet that had another free product coupon inside. Take a look at my mission description:

Simple Truth®, Private Selection® and Kroger brand products are high-quality, specially crafted and sourced from only the best places — so you know you’re getting the quality you want in the flavors you crave!

Try out these hand-selected, new, and noteworthy products in your kit and let your friends know what you think about our exclusive brands. We hope you discover a few favorites, too!

Your kit contains samples of:

  • Private Selection™ Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark with Sea Salt

  • Kroger brand Ready-to-Bake Chocolate Lava Cake

  • Simple Truth Organic™ Popcorn

  • Simple Truth Organic™ Cold Brew Coffee (Full Value Coupon)

  • 20 coupons to share with your friends

  • MyMagazine™ Sharing Network Sharing Guide


Here’s a video of me unboxing the kit:


And here’s a picture of the products all together:


We are actually making the Ready to Pour lava cake now – and it is amazing. I didn’t have to crack any eggs or mix anything together. I literally ripped open the bag, put the batter into a pan and stick it in the oven! It took 2 minutes and dessert will be ready in less than 15 minutes. If you are a busy person like me, that is definitely the product for you.

Click here to join this free site and start testing products just like me!

My household’s sensitive skin story

Disclosure: I was selected to try Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear laundry detergent made for sensitive skin, for FREE! Join me in #generationgood to see if you qualify too, or get other opportunities.

sensitive skin

I have always had sensitive skin, and it seems as though my toddler does as well. My husband, on the other hand, never seems to be bothered by any products that touch his skin – lucky guy! Thankfully, Seventh Generation makes a Free & Clear laundry detergent that is made specifically for sensitive skin!

This plant-based formula is tough on stains without fragrances, dyes or artificial brighteners. Get a clean you can trust that is made for sensitive skin.

First, free is awesome. I am willing to try just about any product (but there ARE limits!) that I am sent to review and share with my readers, friends, and family. I rarely post a bad review, but that is only because I have been lucky enough to enjoy almost every single product I have received since 2009 when I started this blogging journey. SO, like I mentioned earlier, I received some Seventh Generation Free & Clear liquid laundry detergent samples. I was so excited to try them that I actually rushed my laundry schedule by a few days and did a couple of extra loads before I had them scheduled to be done. (Yes..I have a laundry schedule! It is the ONLY way I can stay on track!) So far, so good! No itchy skin, no breakouts, no issues as of yet! This is really exciting for me because I have to be very careful about what detergents I use for myself and my son.


Seventh Generation Free & Clear laundry detergent


Aren’t those samples so cute?! I just love adorable samples haha! 🙂


I would definitely recommend this laundry detergent. You can find it here on Amazon! They also have some other great products you can find below:

sensitive skin


Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Packs

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid

Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs

Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Wipes

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets