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I shaved WHAT?!

I am always looking for ways to save money and make things last – so it is no surprise that I ended up making my own cloth diaper liners out of a cheap Walmart fleece blanket. I traced a regular microfiber insert and made a pattern from it, and continued to cut out 30 fleece inserts. These act as a wicking agent and keeps your baby feeling dry – plus it is more comfortable on them 🙂


Something I noticed, though, was that the fleece ends up pilling after a while. I didn’t want to buy a new fleece blanket to cut up every few months so I found an alternative way to fix this “problem” and make them last much longer! Have you ever heard of a fabric shaver? I scored one at a discount store last year and decided to give it a shot. This bad boy has saved lots of my clothing as well as my cloth diaper liners. It is super easy to use and you empty it like a bagless vacuum.

Take a look at my before and after pictures:

It’s not perfect, but it makes a huge difference! I have also used my fabric shaver on my husband’s USMC fleece throw, and it looks brand new! Have you ever used one?

I can’t sleep!

I can’t sleep!

I can't sleep!
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Drat! I can’t sleep! Am I the only one that has trouble sleeping? Probably not. I am really suffering from lack of sleep these days. My son is only waking up twice a night now as opposed to the 6 or 7 times he used to wake up. The roles have reversed, it seems. Now I am waking up 6 or 7 times (in addition to the two times for my son). I have done some research and this is what I found:

Many of us have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and feeling refreshed by sleep. In fact, women tend to have more trouble than men. We really need to have consistent sunlight. A happy bedtime starts at dawn (or so the internet says!). Sunlight sets your body clock, which determines when sleep hormones trigger a nighttime drift toward sleepy-town. You should be getting up at the same time daily regardless of what day it is. That sounds unfortunate for those of us who like to sleep in on the weekends or our days off! Once you have woken up, head outdoors with some coffee or take a walk to get some sun within one hour of waking up. Hmm, that might not be too hard to accomplish…

The next tip I found was to have your thermostat set between 60 degrees and 67 degrees. The National Sleep Foundation says anything between those two settings are the ideal nighttime temperatures. That is because a cool room helps to lower body temperature – a precursor to falling asleep! Personally, I cannot sleep without a fan blowing on my face even if it’s freezing outside!

About 75% of people say that they sleep better when their bed sheets have a fresh scent. Wash your linens weekly and freshen the mattress by laundering its cover in hot water if you can. Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and let it sit for several hours before vacuuming. I have never heard of that before – have any of you ever done that? How did it work out?

Next, pick out a smart bedtime snack. An hour before you plan on going to bed, eat a small bowl of low-sugar whole grain cereal with milk. Cereal’s carbs boost sleep-inducing serotonin! I love cereal at all times of the day 😀


Halloween Safety Tip: Masks for children

Halloween Safety Tip: Masks for children

Halloween Masks for kids


Halloween is coming up! Are you excited? Are your children excited about dressing up as their favorite character? Costumes come with so many accessories these days, including masks. Unfortunately, masks can make it hard for your child to see and breathe. If at all possible, avoid the mask this year and try getting creative with non-toxic face paint!

Bonfire Safety Tips


Bonfire Safety Tips

Bonfire Safety 2014



Since it is officially Fall, bonfires are likely to be popping up every weekend! In order to be fully prepared to host a bonfire get-together, you should be educated on the safety of bonfires as to avoid any injuries or harm to Mother Nature.


Bonfires should always be set up at least 18 meters from any buildings, fences, overhangs, trees, parking lots, etc. When you are collecting wood for your bonfire, make sure you only use clean, dry wood. DO NOT burn batteries, aerosol, tins of paint, tires, plastic bottles, etc. Even though it seems to be a popular item to burn, you should also avoid burning furniture – especially furniture that is foam-filled! This can cause a much bigger problem than a few plastic bottles in the fire. To be on the safe side, strictly stick with dry, clean wood and timber!


You should make sure that your fires do not exceed 3 feet in height, and try to use firelighters to light the fire instead of diesel fuel or petrol. As another safety precaution, make sure you have a few buckets of water nearby in case your fire starts to get too big or begins to move from the bonfire station.


Fall is supposed to be fun! The weather is cooling off, scarves and boots are coming back into our wardrobes and Fall nights are chilly and perfect for a nice fire with marshmallows and friends. Make sure that children and animals are at a safe distance from the fire, and that they do not have direct access to the fire from where they are at! Safety is so important when fire is involved, and you want to keep everyone and everything safe, including your surroundings. As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be just fine! Enjoy this weather with family and friends! What is your favorite bonfire activity?

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