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Have you ever dreaded putting on makeup in the morning because it takes longer than you have time for? Maybe you are like me and you wear a minimal amount of makeup (liquid foundation and mascara…sometimes eye shadow) but you hate applying the foundation because it takes forever and you always seem to apply too much of it and you end up looking like you stuck your face in a bowl of cake? Well, that’s me LOL. I dread putting on makeup in the morning. Well, I did. Now, I am excited to do it! This sonicBLEND makeup brush cuts my makeup application time in half and I also end up using less foundation than I normally do but the coverage looks the same, if not better! This is rechargeable and it doesn’t take very long to charge – and it holds a pretty lengthy charge as well!

Please see the video below. I am always hesitant to post images or videos of myself without makeup because I have problem skin and even though I shouldn’t be, I get embarrassed because of it. So please don’t judge my 7-month-pregnant face and acne skin! Just focus on how much I love this makeup brush and how it takes less than 4 minutes for me to apply it – most mornings it takes me longer because I always apply too much and have to start over a few times.


I am very impressed with this makeup brush. I do not plan on going back to my manual brushes unless I absolutely have to. Have you ever used one of these, or something similar to it? What was your experience?


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